Munch Stix – easy to use chopsticks that just make eating more fun. $7.99


Lunchskins – reusable, dishwasher safe, made in USA  Starting at $8.99


Dressing 2 Go – no more soggy salads! $4.99

Salad and Dressing

Sandwich Shapers – because shapes are more fun to eat! $5.99 


Sporks – a spoon, knife and fork all in 1 nifty utensil! Pack of 3 – $8.99  


Getting young kids to eat is all about making it fun! If it’s fun, they enjoy meal time. Cutting the food in shapes, using colorful dishes, leaving notes in lunch boxes, changing it up – keeps them interested.  One of the most basic things to give them special utensils to use, Sporks and the Munch Stix are perfect for that!

Some other ideas include…

  1. Use paper muffin liners to create sections in the lunchbox or Tupperware dish.  This keeps food separate and easy to eat, and as a bonus it’s super easy to clean up! Similarly, there are dozens of lunchbox meals you can bake ahead of time in a muffin tin. It’s as easy as grab and go in the morning with pre-portioned meals. Examples, mini hot dogs baked in cornbread, mini quiches, mini pizzas, chicken & rice patties, mac & cheese with ham bites!
  2. Using a thermos to keep things hot other than soup… like chicken nuggets.
  3. Skewers! From fruit and veggies, to lunch meat and cheese, to tortellini and meatballs and the classic pinwheel sandwich.  Everything is more fun on a stick.