We all know that thermometers tell us the temperature of whatever it is we’re cooking. What a lot of us don’t realize….is how awesome that is! If you are trying to cook a steak to medium-rare (130 degrees-ish) use a wired-probe thermometer so you don’t have to open the grill to check temps. If your grill is at 450 degrees, and you want your steak to end up at 130 degrees, what temperature do you pull it off at? Well, it will vary from grill-to-grill, thickness of the steak, if you used a tenderizer, and so on…. that’s the point to this tip!

If you pull your steak at 130 degrees, it will carry anywhere from 5 – 20 degrees while resting. Lesson? Leave your thermometer in the meat while it’s resting, learn how far the temperature carries, write that down somewhere…and the next time you cook steak, you know exactly when to pull it off of the grill to hit your targeted temp.

BONUS TIP: the metal cord that connects the probe to the screen is typically the first to burn up and cause the probes to fail. Wrap the cord in aluminum foil to prevent burning cords.