Let’s be objective about this… we put meat through a lot when we cook it. It gets cut up and trimmed, wrapped up in twine, marinaded, rubbed, seared over excruciating temperatures, then roasted until cooked through. So when you finally pull it off heat, it NEEDS to rest.  We know its tempting to dive right in… the perfectly seared exterior, the amazing aromas you’ve worked so hard to create, the juices settling below on the plate… but, if you slice into it now all the juices in the meat (which contain all that flavor) will come pouring out and you will be left with mild, dry meat.  However, if you let it rest 10-20 minutes, you will give it just enough time to let those juices settle down.  The return will be perfectly moist, juicy, flavorful meat worth every moment of mouthwatering agony.

NOTE: If you are nervous your food is going to get cold, you can tent some aluminum over it, but don’t cover it tightly or it may make the meat continue to cook, and might over-shoot your desired doneness.

EXTRA TIP: When cooking meat, hitting the desired temperature is key.  However, if you wait to pull the meat from the heat when it hits the temp you’re shooting for, it will be over-cooked.  Pull your meat from the heating source at least 10-15 degrees lower than the desired temperature you’re shooting for, and the meat will continue to cook WHILE IT’S RESTING.