wine at the coastal cupboard

We know it’s exciting to gather with your family for Thanksgiving, and we want you to have the best meals so we’re sharing our favorite tips and tricks for the holiday season!


  • Oven Temperature – Ovens should be re-calibrated every year, as they can vary up to 50 degrees. Don’t risk under or over-cooking your dishes over the holidays! Pick up an Oven thermometer only $9.99 at The Coastal Cupboard.


  • Wine – You might think we only carry expensive wines, but we have amazing wines starting at $9.99 that we can recommend for any of your holiday gatherings!


  • Let it rest – Meat continues to cook after it’s been pulled out of the oven or grill. Poultry is done at 165 degrees, so depending on your oven/grill temperature. Feel free to pull the turkey out 10-15 degrees early and let it rest tented in foil.
    *350 degree oven, should carry at least 10 degrees while resting -allow turkey to rest at least 30 minutes.


  • Cheese Cloth Cover – Cover the outside of your turkey with cheese cloth while cooking. As you baste your turkey, the cheese cloth will hold onto the moisture, herbs, and other flavors better! Just remove towards the end of the cooking process to crisp up the skin.