Thawed Turkey
Lane’s BBQ Sweet Tea Brine
Thunderbird’s Chicken Scratch Rub
Olive Oil

Brine for 24 hours then air dry in the fridge for another 24 hours. We used Lane’s BBQ Sweet Tea Brine

Use poultry shears to remove backbone. Use a cleaver or hefty knife to strategically hack so you can break the breastbone and flatten the bird. Remove wings so bird can lay completely flat. Save the wings for homemade stock if desired.

Rub with oil and season liberally. We used Thunderbird’s Chicken Scratch

Light multiple fires and heat your Egg to 350. Set Grill Grates on top of ConvEGGtor basket. Place turkey breast side down with feet facing the back of your grill. Cook for about 30 minutes. Use the grill grate tool and a pizza peel to remove the turkey from the grill so you can flip for the second half of cooking. WIth a probe thermometer, probe the coolest part of the breast meat. Return to grill with legs facing back.Take turkey off the Egg when it reaches an internal temperature of 160. ENJOY!

OVEN VARIATION: follow the same directions for brining, spatchcocking and seasoning, Use a sheet tray and cooling rack. Place the bird breast side up and roast at 350 degrees. Towards the end you may broil for a few minutes to crisp the skin.